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December 18, 2017

Ho ho ho every one it be the”Christmas count dowwwwn!!”

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Hohohohohohohohohoh merry Christmas!

It has been ages since I last blogged,I’d been so busy writing books and entering competitions I forgot!

Talking of competitions,here is a link to a winter poem:

Closing Date: Sunday 31st of December 2017

There’s a chill in the air, the leaves have fallen and the nights are growing longer; winter will soon be upon us.

How do you spend your winter days? Perhaps waiting for snow to go sledging, or huddling in front of the fire with a delicious hot chocolate. Will you be dressing up for Halloween, setting off fireworks on Bonfire Night or waiting up for Santa on Christmas Eve? What will be your New Year’s resolution? What about nature during this frosty time? Your poem could be about the animals deep in hibernation or the bare trees waiting for spring to arrive. For many, this season is a time for family, overindulgence and parties!

Whatever you love or dislike about winter we would love to know!


Hope that helps!

Now back to the blog:

My next book is apocalyptic dreams and will be out in Jan or later depending on how long it takes:]

There will also be…..SNOOOWWW!!!!

when I found out my and my sister were like”YASSSSS!!!”



That’s it for now,write again soon,

Your friend/classmate,

Aimee.[Vivi listen on kahoot you call me Aimeeeeeeee ;-;]

November 10, 2017

welcome back

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I haven’t been posting for a while welcome back to my blog

Goodnight Mr.Tom

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Today we watched “goodnight Mr.Tom”,I bet all my pocket money the class loved it.If not then bye bye cash:[ . A big thank-you to all the class staff[you know who you are!] without you I wouldn’t of seen anything cuter than you guys!Seeing a dog today really made me better.But i’m just scraping the barrel now so….Yeah.;-;


Today was nice except from the fact it was raining all day. ;-;

I’m just running out of facts now……[There is only 6 dots on the ellipsis before you start counting.]

My first time blogging.

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Hi,it’s Ptolemy this is my first time blogging on the class page.My friend Aimee is writing for me because my account went wrong.I am enjoying blogging so far.

Write again soon,



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Hello everyone,today in my blog I am going to talk about holidays.Some people think i’m on about going in a plane off to spain or turkey or somewhere else,perhaps even just camping!Others thing i’m on about holidays as in christmas,halloween….Things like that.Well i’m talking neither.I’m saying school holidays like the time period now or in other worlds,in the present.On one hand I enjoy being off so I don’t have to go to bed early and wake up at early morning.Plus I can make blogs like this one.On the other hand I want to be in school at the same time so I can see my hard-working,kind,playful and very eco- friendly teachers and then get on with my favorite subjects.[I didn’t put that many adjectives because I’d be sat here for ever and I’d be wearing out the theasuras’s pages…Please don’t be upset Mr Green,I say that because you probably already know how perfect you are and what we think of you.];-;So anyway…How I said I wouldn’t be talking about halloween I guess i’m breaking the rules[laws of Aimee]saying about it but who really cares bout dat. For halloween i’m being a grim reaper and i’m gonna get dat candy.Oh and a special shout out to Ptolemy who’s away at the moment in Wales,hope he has a Wale of a time!So guys and girls stay safe on halloween and i’ll write again real soon.

Your friend/classmate



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Hello again everyone!

Iv’e got some bad news and some good news.First the bad news,my hampster Trixie passed away but we now have two Ashley and Mochi.And as well as that we are now looking after a black cat called Shadow who wasn’t being looked after properly so he is now in my home.

That’s it for now.


Hey again it’s Aimee with a youtuber!

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In our class James is a youtuber. To support him,he would appriciate it if we subscribed or commented on his vids. I also have to comfirm, yes the heart smart team might make a channel of ways to be heart smart.

Stay blogging

Your friend/classmate



October 12, 2017

Hello again class it’s me and a world war story!

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For homework we had to find out if any of our relatives were in the second world war.Encase you were interested about the war and what happened after I have world war two coins.Obviously,the other people that weren’t in war still needed to buy food and water so they needed coins to pay,and after war life went on and since some men came back more money was given to more people.Things became expensive

Hello,and welcome to my 5th blog.

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Today,my blog is about my pets, I have seven of them.

Eddie, a English bull terrier cross jackrussle.

Willow, a lively Jack Russell.

Treacle, a tawny owl[you might have already seen her]

Biscuit,a little woodland dwarf bunny.

Chino,an intelligent society finch with a lovely chirpy song.

Tiny,a Japanese fire-bellied newt[Tiny is my newt][Mi-newt]

And finally Trixie,[Who is actualy a boy,we only found out a while ago]


October 4, 2017

Hey again!

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Hello everyone,it feels good to be blogging again!

I have finished a book called ‘The Unseen’ .The book is about an apocalypse starting on a gloomy Halloween day to what could be the end of the world…

If you have already read it, the part two [apocaliptic dreams] is soon coming out.The unseen was part one to see if you like it.If you want the copies just ask.

Thank you for reading and I hope I will be writing again soon,

Your friend/classmate



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